Friday, January 7, 2011


This is an old poem  I wrote about a vampire. It's pretty simple. I'm not sure if this is the exact poem. I wrote it years ago.

My blood has run cold.
I must have more.
I might be a priest or i might be a whore.
I could be young or very old.
I might come knocking at your door.

x-mas is over!! hallelujah!

Today is the day after little x-mas. its finally over for another 11 months. It's December 7th. the day after little x-mas. Can't wait to put the tree away. Just got a tiny tree to put a smile on my wife's face. I hated that every year my mom overdid it with the decorations. I stopped believin Santa Claus or "Santy" when i was 7. i spent x-mas when i was 6 in hospital with a broken leg after a car accident.

I hope the terrible X-mas music is gone when i go back to work at the old grocery store. It's the same couple of songs covered by different artists played over and over again. Just regular terrible music until December. Yippee!! X-mas is atheist Hell. I don't want to get in the X-mas spirit. I call it X-mas to cut the Christ out of it. It's a dirty word.

creepy coincidence

i googled this blog and found that there are other blogs with similar names .musings of an irish-american and musings of an irish canadian. thats weird. i pulled the name out of thin air. what are the odds?

Monday, December 27, 2010

First post

I've had this blog for months and i haven't posted a thing. I'll have something interesting to say soon. Promise.